Artist Statement

Domestic Bliss

Having been a performer most of my life, I move seamlessly in front and behind the camera to stage fictitious, dark, domestic scenarios using my family and self as actors.  Working with metaphor, irony and satire to comment and create conversation on the timeless subject of family/parenthood/relationships within the larger context of current societal issues like gun control, class, and suicide.

I use proverbs as a springboard to construct each dramatic set-up while staging each tableau vivant to look like a marketing campaign for an ideal life. The carefully constructed veneer becomes the tool to reveal harsher realities of shadow and denial.

Having come of age watching David Lynch and Mike Leigh films, my young self found kindred spirits in their exploration of the dark side. I take the world I know today and plunge it into this sensibility and finish it off with a biting sarcastic point of view to fuel conversation, toy with well-honed archetypes and appease my own restless soul.

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